Aloha Home Market Vendor FAQs

How is the market operating with the COVID-19 pandemic?

We are so grateful to be able to hold this market and support our local small businesses during these times. Long story short, we will be following all of the governor’s orders regarding COVID safety. Please refer to the county’s most recent legislation.


We require all vendors and staff to wear masks from load in through break down and we highly recommend that the public mask up as well.


In addition, please do not attend the market if you are ill or have been in contact with anyone who has COVID-19.

How big are the booths?

All booths are 10 feet by 10 feet unless otherwise stated on the map. In addition, please make sure to know whether your booth is partially or fully covered. All partially covered spots are marked as yellow on the map. We are lucky to have beautiful weather in Kailua, so plan for some sun. Anyone is welcome to bring a tent, but we highly recommend them for this with partially covered spots to keep yourself and your items protected from the sun or rain.

Got it - I'm renting a tent from you, how does that work?

If you are renting a tent from us, we will take care of set up and break down. However, you are responsible for bringing your own weights to secure the tent. In addition, if you would like to add sidewalls to the tent (for sun protection), you are responsible for that as well. The tents will be standard 10×10 pending availability.


If you did not rent a tent during your original registration and would like to, you are welcome to go back into your registration page and purchase a booth. At the bottom of the purchase booth page, there should be an option to add a tent – make sure to click the green plus sign to add a tent to your booth purchase.


What is the price of a booth? What is included in that price?

Our standard vendor booth is $220 + fees. For food vendors, it is $150 + fees.


The price of a booth includes a 10×10 spot in a beautiful location in Kailua, incredible staff who assist in running the market, bathrooms for our vendors, awesome marketing, and a friendly market `ohana! Vendors are responsible for their own tables, chairs, displays, and tent (unless renting one from us) if desired.

Why are there two different price rates? What counts as a food vendor?

The two different rates are for our standard vendors (gifts, art, jewelry, apparel, and other services) and food vendors. The food vendors rate is saved exclusively for vendors who will be selling prepared foods that are meant to be purchased and eaten while at the market (meals like breakfast/lunch, or dessert/snacks). Any food item that is meant as more of a packaged good or gift (salts, oils, ingredients for cooking) would be considered a standard vendor.

Let's talk about wind.

Although the weather is often beautiful, Kailua can often get very windy (and unpredictable!) with wind coming from the East or West, or worse in our winter months. The booths in the center of the market tend to be more sheltered from the wind, but regardless of where your booth is, if you have items that may blow or break, please put up wind barriers. The Aloha Home Market is not responsible for any damage to your booth or items.

Will the market have electricity?

Good question – there are a select few booths that will have access to electrical outlets. These are booths 100-107 and 400-407. These can be seen on our map as those near the power outlet marker in red. If you plan on using electricity, please bring a new/in good condition, 14-gauge extension cord and gaffers tape to cover the cord in order to prevent tripping. If you are not in any of these booths, you will not have access to electricity, so please plan accordingly.

How about WIFI?

Our market does not have WIFI access, so please plan ahead, especially with credit card processing.

Is the market dog friendly?

Yes! Our shoppers love to include their furry friends in their family outings to the market. On occasions, there may be accidents. Please be kind and courteous when this happens. If you are concerned about accidents or messes of any kind in your booth, please bring wet wipes or cleaning supplies for your booth. If you notice a mess in the common areas, please bring it to our attention and a staff person will take care of it.

Where do I get rid of my trash?

We will have small trash cans dispersed throughout the market, so you are welcome to dispose of your small items in those. However, for larger items, please pack them up with you. If you place any tape, chalk, or anything else in our parking lot for the booth, please make sure you clean up before you leave for the day.


For food vendors – you are required to have your own trash can and pack up your own waste after the market.

I'm a new vendor. What can I do to be successful?

Welcome to the market – we’re excited to have you! We’ve found that the following few tips have helped our vendors have a successful market:

  • Good signage can go a long way! We recommend having your business name and offerings clear and eye-catching for customers. (Pro tip: we use Aiea print shop for all our banners.)
  • Vendors who accept credit cards are much more successful than those who don’t.
  • Make sure to bring lots of snacks and water – it’s a long and exciting day, so you’ll need to keep fueled.
  • Get social! Promoting the market on social media gets your followers excited and informed about your presence at the market. A few of our vendors have had lots of success running promotions and releasing new products lines or hosting sales at our market.
  • Kailua is the gorgeous home for our market. Although the weather is normally beautiful, our market is rain or shine! If the weather becomes unfortunately windy or wet, be prepared to secure and protect your booth.
  • Have aloha! Market days are incredible, but they can also be stressful, so we ask that you please have patience! We are an ‘ohana of amazing vendors who are selected very carefully. Please respect each other, be kind, and help your neighbors out when needed.

How does load in work?

We’re not going to lie – it’s the best kind of crazy on market day mornings! In order to keep things moving as smoothly as possible, please read the load-in schedule that can be downloaded from your vendor portal. This document will have your time of arrival, directions for where to load in, and where to park. We ask that you arrive promptly at your assigned time, unload everything you need for the booth, and then proceed to park your car, before setting up your booth.


We cannot block any driveways during load-in, load-out, or throughout the market as we will be sharing the lot with your fellow vendors as well as our local Kailua neighbors. In addition, absolutely no vehicles can be parked on the grass! There are pipes under the grass, and we cannot have vehicles damaging the lot infrastructure. Please make sure your car is only in the paved lot for as short of a time as possible, and park your vehicle accordingly.

How does load-out work at the end of the day?

Heading out for the day will look similar to load-in. Again, please have your entire booth packed and ready to load before bringing your car into the lot. This will keep the driveways as clear as possible and prevent any traffic jams, and damage to your booth and belongings!


Again, absolutely no vehicles on the grass please!

Where can I park?

This information can be found in the load-in schedule. Those who load in first will be offered to park in the spots behind the market, but we ask that you please park from back to front to fit as many cars as possible. In addition, there is a small lot on the beachside of our market, where you may park in any spot that is not coned off. Please no street parking, we want to save that for our valuable shoppers! Overflow parking can be found in the Kailua District Park parking lot around the corner from the police station.


What is the cancellation policy?

We allow cancellations 7 days prior to each market. We do not issue refunds, but will offer you a credit for a future market! In addition, if a vendor is sick or experiencing COVID like symptoms, we ask that you cancel with us ASAP and a credit for a future market will be issues.